Virtual Science Shows and Workshops

Welcome to our Virtual Science Shows Page. It will take us a while to populate it fully – however, we thought it was time to let you all know that we now performing our shows virtually – either live via zoom or in a pre-recorded format.

The most exciting part of the pre records is the fact that you as the organiser is now in charge of the speed at which the show or workshop takes place.
Volunteers are still required for the shows where Scientific Sue would normally choose just one or two, when you stop the video you have lots of options:
  1. to do the demo yourself
  2. choose a volunteer or
  3. let ALL of your attendees do the experiments!
We love option 3! It is perfect for the classroom, festivals, birthday parties and fun corporate events.
For both options, live or pre-recorded,  a personal message from you can be included at the beginning and/or end of the sessions plus we create small outro videos which have your logo, or photo included.