The Magical Science & Engineering Show

This show covers the following themes and topics:

  • Properties and uses of a range of materials
  • Chemical reactions resulting in magical colour changes
  • Forces and motion: Focussing on the ‘magical’ and invisible pulling and pushing forces of Gravity, Electric and Magnetic Forces.
  • Energy and energy changes

Scientific Sue’s Black Cat

Rabbit in a magician’s hat

Scientific Sue’s wacky combination of science and drama makes this ‘Magic Show’ both funny and thought-provoking.

Making use of toys, circus gadgets and a range of household materials Scientific Sue highlights the relevance and impact of science and engineering on our everyday lives.

Many magical apprentices will be needed to help Scientific Sue find out the science and engineering behind many amazing illusions and magic tricks.

Is it possible to make liquids defy the pull of gravity? Or make green tea then change to happy yellow or sad blue depending on the magical charm used.

We are surrounded by invisible forces which can be used to push and pull. Using these magical properties Scientific Sue will show you how the science of spin can be used to defy gravity, how electric forces can be used to make things fly and how marvelous magnets can cause items to spin!

All of the above and lots more will not only stimulate curiosity and imagination within your young audiences but will also highlight the relevance and impact of science and engineering on our everyday lives.

Warning:  Danger Science Magic – Fun Guaranteed!

Lots of volunteers are required to help Scientific Sue recreate many famous magic and circus tricks and demonstrations. The physics of inertia is explored with the aid of a tablecloth and some very precious teapots. Who is Ernest the Bear? What is the scientific secret used to help him unicycle down a thin tightrope?

Physics of sound and air pressure.

Scientific Sue demonstrates how to turn a plastic straw into a musical instrument.

The Magical Science & Engineering Show aims to stimulate curiosity and imagination within your students so that they ultimately leave the show wanting to embark on the many problem-solving and design tasks set by Scientific Sue. The show is fast-paced, energetic and uses lots of volunteers.

All though this show is offered across all age and ability ranges, the demonstration content and scientific language varies significantly across this range, so when booking, it is important to stipulate the age and ability of your intended audience, however it is also a great show to book just for the pure fun of science and engineering!!