The Magical Science & Engineering Show

Scientific Sue’s wacky combination of science and drama makes this ‘Magic Show’ both funny and thought-provoking.

Making use of toys, circus gadgets and a range of household materials and the very slender ‘RoboFred’, our singing and dancing robotised skeleton, the relevance and impact of science and engineering on our everyday lives is highlighted.

Volcanoes exploding to great heights, vats of oozy slime, chocolate mini rolls flying through the air, explosions, bangs and of course loads of magic make this show one not to be missed!

The Magical Science & Engineering Show aims to stimulate curiosity and imagination within your students so that they ultimately leave the show wanting to embark on the many problem-solving and design tasks set by Scientific Sue. The show is energetic and explosive and uses lots of volunteers.

All though this show is offered across all Key Stages the demonstration content and scientific language varies for each stage so when booking, it is important to stipulate which KS it is to be aimed at, or whether it is to be booked just for the pure fun of science and engineering!!

This show covers the following themes and topics:

  • Properties and uses of a range of materials
  • Chemical reactions and rates of reaction
  • Forces and motion
  • Energy and energy changes

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