Our Ingenious Engineers Show

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Explore the wonders of science and engineering with the captivating “Our Ingenious Engineers Show.” Immerse yourself in a journey through 350 years of ground breaking achievements by immensely talented scientists and engineers who changed the world.

This dynamic show delves into an array of scientific domains, unravelling the mysteries behind flight, the fire triangle, electricity, acid/base reactions, neutralization, properties of matter, the periodic table, forces, pressure, and energy changes. It not only imparts knowledge but also makes learning a joyous experience, encouraging active participation in observation, experimentation, investigation, discovery, and the formulation of questions.

From concocting what could be the world’s best drinking chocolate to creating clouds in bottles, witnessing colour-changing vegetables, making ice cream in a baggie, and launching rockets into the sky, the Ireland’s Ingenious Engineers Show promises a series of thrilling demonstrations. These activities aim to ignite the spirit of discovery, fostering excitement and encouraging everyone to think like a scientist.

What gases are explosive, and which one extinguishes fires? Why are purple cabbages called red? How does pushing a bicycle aid in learning to ride? Can we make marshmallows grow and shrink? Uncover the contributions of Irish engineers to the historic moonwalk and the global fame of the first person to set foot on the moon.

Scientific Sue, with the assistance of enthusiastic volunteers, will embark on a quest to answer these questions and many more. Join us on this exhilarating exploration of Ireland’s scientific and engineering marvels, where curiosity knows no bounds and learning becomes an adventure.

This show covers the following themes and topics:

Matthew Carleton, Timothy Elliott, and Chloe Sherlock.

  • Forces and motion
  • Air pressure
  • Weight and mass
  • Flight
  • Acid Base reactions
  • pH and pH indicators
  • Energy and energy changes

Our Ingenious Engineers show is a creative and exciting engineering show exploring some of the discoveries endeavoured by Irish engineers