The Science of Bubbles Show

Embark on a scientific journey with Scientific Sue and delve into the mesmerizing world of bubbles! Explore the magic behind their shapes, floating mysteries, and more. Perfect for inquisitive minds.

A Spectacular Science Extravaganza for Young and Old Minds Alike!

Dive into the fascinating world of science with “the Science of Bubbles Show” a captivating and educational show designed to please teachers and parents alike. This interactive experience harnesses the magical allure of bubbles to unlock a plethora of scientific wonders for young minds.

Embark on a journey through the basics of science as we explore the properties of materials, distinguish between polar and non-polar liquids, investigate surface tension, unravel the mysteries of polymers, delve into the concept of buoyancy, ignite curiosity with combustion experiments, and introduce the scientific method in an engaging and accessible manner.

The Science of Bubbles Show transforms the simple act of blowing bubbles into a mesmerising spectacle that seamlessly incorporates key scientific principles. Teachers can use this show as a dynamic supplement to their curriculum, making science lessons come alive with the enchanting world of bubbles. Parents, too, will find it an enjoyable way to reinforce their child’s learning at home, fostering a love for science through hands-on exploration.

Prepare to be amazed as your students or children witness the captivating intersection of entertainment and education, where the world of bubbles becomes a gateway to understanding the fundamental concepts that underpin the scientific method. This Show promises to be an unforgettable experience, leaving young minds bubbling with excitement for the wonders of science.

Bubbles: Big, small, bouncing, touchable, floating, sinking.

Bubbles hold many wonders and create lots of excitement!

Have you ever wondered why bubbles float? Why bubbles are round? Can we make bubbles in liquids other than water? What is the secret behind big bubbles? Can we engineer bouncing bubbles?

To answer these and many more questions we have to enter the Magical World of Bubbleology. With the help of lots of volunteers Sue will attempt to show many incredible bubble tricks and then relate them to Science.

The science content of this show depends on the audience. Secondary school pupils will find out about polar liquids and electrostatic forces, surfactants and their uses in bubbles and emulsions, plastics and polymers and how these long chain molecules help us make super gigantic bubbles.

What is the secret to making giant bubbles?

What is the secret to making giant bubbles?

A sample of Curriculum Focus:
• Properties of  materials
• Polar and non polar liquids
• Surface tension
• Polymers
• Buoyancy
• Combustion
• Scientific method

Scientific Sue's Bubble Laboratory

Scientific Sue’s Bubble Laboratory

Launch of Science Week. Chris Bellew / Copyright Fennell Photography 2016

Launch of Science Week.
Chris Bellew / Copyright Fennell Photography 2016