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Scientific Sue has gone VIRTUAL!

Why not follow one of our  Science Shows for Schools with a Science2Life ‘Science It!’ workshop?

Along with the virtual shows you can now purchase workshop kits which are supported by online videos for the organisers and a pre workshop show!

As a consequence of the 2020 COVID19 pandemic Sue expanded Science2Life’s outreach into to three new STEAM fields:

  1. Development and delivery of Virtual Shows, Workshops and Tutorials.
  2. Opening of an online store offering a range of toys, gadgets and educational activities designed to encourage a positive and creative engagement with Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics – all of which are perfect as gifts, for use for HOME SCHOOLING or fun introductions to the wonderful world of science!
  3. Creation of a range of iBooks developed to support Science2Life’s Shows, Workshops, Training Session and just for the fun of playing with Science!

Visit our online store and check out the amazing science gifts and educational resources!

Susan Carvell (formally McGrath) aka ‘Scientific Sue’ is the founder and CEO of Science2Life, a company devoted to developing and delivering innovative and fun opportunities for teachers, event organisers and parents alike to share STEAM activities with children in fun and engaging ways.

What is STEAM and why is it important for our children?

STEAM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics. STEAM education uses art, drama and design to bring the STEM subjects to life and make them real and relevant to the world we live in today.

In 2015, as part of NI inaugural Science Festival, Sue was the teacher of the successful Guinness World Records attempt for the Largest Practical Science Lesson

Sue is a graduate of Queen’s University, Belfast. She taught Physics, Chemistry and Drama for 10 years, then in the same year she graduated with a Masters in Educational Studies she became the first employee with the role of Senior Manager for Educational Programmes, of the now world-renowned Science Centre whowhatwherewhenwhy-w5 at Odyssey, Northern Ireland.

In 2004 Sue was made a Fellow of the Institute of Physics (IoP) in recognition of her accomplishments and the impact she made in her sector.

In her current role as a professional science communicator Sue combines her in-depth subject knowledge, her creativity and drama background with her commercial and strategic expertise to develop and deliver a range of thought provoking and engaging educational activities and training programmes.

Science shows and training programmes have been developed and delivered in events across Ireland, United Kingdom, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, Nigeria, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

Sue has also worked with Stopwatch Television, TVam and RTE as a science consultant, TV guest plus appearing in 13 episodes of her own Scientific Sue’s Wonder Lab

Science2Life’s aim is to “effect change, achieve results and make science fun!”