The Electric Magnetic Show

What is a force? What can they do? Why are they so special? All of these questions and many more are explored and investigated in this fun filled forces show allowing us to then focus on the more magical electric and magnetic forces!

Join Scientific Sue on a journey of discovery which allows all to find out how we can use these forces to make objects appear, move and float in the air like magic.

With the help of Sponge Bob Square Pants pet ‘Gary’ you will be amazed by the magical results obtained when moving charges and magnetic fields are brought together. Flowers appearing from wands, stunning electricity demos, exploding farm animals and many more crazy innovative experiments are used to make electricity and magnetism simple and relevant.

The exploding Veg and other fuels of the future Show explore fuels; at KS3 and 4 this show explores how these energy sources are used to produce AC electricity. Faraday’s and Lenz’s Laws are also explored. The Technology Rock show just focuses on electricity, magnetism and Electromagnetism and the really cool devices we use today which uses these phenomenon. This show is for KS4 and A level students.

This show covers the following themes and topics:

  • Forces and motion
  • Energy and energy changes
  • Static, DC and AC electricity
  • Force fields: gravitational, electric and magnetic
  • Sound: pitch and loudness
  • How loud speakers work
  • How motors work
  • How electricity is generated

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