The Disgusting Digestion Show

Oh my goodness Buzz Light Year is sick… what could he have eaten that upset his stomach? Volunteers are invited to join Scientific Sue to investigate the contents of his stomach!

How healthy was his lunch? Food tests, acid and alkali tests, enzyme reactions are fantastic scientific experiments which allow for gases, slimes and explosions to be made!

How much gas is in a burp? Are burps explosive? What other gases are made in our bodies? Are they explosive?

During this disgustingly messy show you will be entertained by a fire breathing dragon, an exploding pig and if you are lucky might even get to help Scientific Sue experiment with pee, poo and farts!

A show not for the faint hearted!

This show covers the following themes and topics:

Acids and alkalis (bases), pH scale, simple chemical reactions, forces and their effects, food (contents of food, food as a source of energy, as a growth material and constituent of a balanced diet), digestion, excretion, enzyme reaction, respiration, microbes and disease.

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