Ireland’s Ingenious Engineers Show

Find out how flammable gases and powders can be and then learn about William Reid Clanny the person who saved many lives due to his invention of the safety lamp

Robert Boyle’s invention of the vacuum pump allowed him to discover the relationship between pressure and volume – how does Scientific Sue put a ‘Sweet” twist to this demo?


This highly creative and exciting engineering show explores some of the amazing scientific discoveries and engineering feats endeavoured by some of our hugely talented Irish Scientists over a period of 350 years.

Designing (probably) the best drinking chocolate in the world, creating a cloud in a bottle, exploring colour changing vegetables, making ice cream in a baggie and sending rockets sky high are just a few of the creative demonstrations that will be used by Sue on her historical scientific journey to fire the spirit of discovery within whilst creating lots of excitement and opportunities to think like a Scientist.

Which gases are explosive and which gas helps to put out fires? Why do we call purple cabbages red? Why do we need to push the bicycle to help young ones learn to ride? Can we make marshmallows grow? Who was the first person to walk on the moon and which Irish Scientists and Engineers helped him to achieve global fame?

With the help of lots of volunteers Scientific Sue will attempt to answer these questions and many, many more.

This show covers the following themes and topics:

  • Air pressure
  • Boyle’s Law
  • Discovery of carbon dioxide
  • Liquefaction of gases – cloud in a bottle
  • Combustion and the invention of the safety lamp and the ejector seat
  • Temperature scales
  • Acid Base/Alkali reactions and Neutralisation
  • Use of indicators to show how antacids work
  • Pneumatics
  • Flight
  • DC electricity and the invention of the portable AED
  • How our local scientists and engineers helped put Neil Armstrong on the Moon!

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