The Technology Rocks Show

Join Scientific Sue and find out about the really cool science behind her pink electric guitar.  Apologies made now for her musical abilities however don’t worry… volunteers will be asked down to play it properly and even if their playing isn’t so hot… find out how technology comes to the rescue.

Be amazed at how Sue ‘hijacks’  a laser pen to use it to send sound across the room and how to turn her iPad2 into a remote device to control a wall climbing car!

This show will take you on a journey covering 200 years of  crazy demonstrations using electricity, magnetism and electromagnetism which will ultimately bring some hard rock sounds to your ears! Deep Purple eat your heart out!
Although the science extends into areas beyond KS4, this show can be adapted to suit KS3 audiences.

This show covers the following themes and topics:

  • Science behind an electric guitar
  • Energy and energy changes
  • Static, DC and AC electricity
  • Force fields: gravitational, electric and magnetic
  • Sound: pitch and loudness
  • How loud speakers work
  • How motors work
  • How electricity is generated
  • The impact on engineering and technology on our lives today

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