The Exploding Vegetables and other Fuels of the Future Show

This fun-filled explosive show explores the more serious subject: Our impact on the world around us. Scientific Sue will call upon volunteers to help her investigate a range of fuels and gases which will be used to propel a hotch potch of house hold items skywards! Danger! Fun guaranteed!

This show has been developed to support Education for Sustainable Development

About 30 years ago, when crude oil was suddenly in short supply, and became expensive, scientists, engineers and companies began to investigate alternative energy sources. Today we are all much more aware that at some point in the near future the supplies of fossil fuels; including crude oil, coal and natural gas, and also nuclear fuel will run out.

If we wish to maintain our way of life, and if less developed countries are to be afforded the opportunities to improve their standard of living, we must generate about half of our energy from renewable sources within the next few years.

This show covers the following themes and topics:

  • What is ‘sustainable development’ and the environmental issues surrounding it such as: air pollution & greenhouse gases.
  • The environment and human influences.
  • Impact of Global Warming on our planet
  • New fuels of the future: wood, methane (ice that burns!), hydrogen, ethanol & biofuels.
  • Other renewable sources of energy such as: solar, wind & fuel cells.
  • Air pressure and weather systems.
  • How static and current electricity are generated.

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